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Blender Addon Shaped Curves Merger

Video Transcript
Hello I'd like to present to you our new addon styriam shaped curves merger as the name suggestests it is design to merge curves with shaped keys applied. Here we can see two curves, one curve has a shaped key and a hook modifier, the other has two shaped keys. Also, we have a cube with folowpath constrained, normally in blender we can join two curves with "control J" shortcut but apperantly that doesn't work for curves with shaped keys. Fortunately our addon can join such curves with ease. Remember to keep the curve with modifiers as an active object as only the active objects will retain it's modifiers, right click for context menu and join curves. Now we have one curve with all shaped keys intact and modifier and the hook modifier intact. You can also join both curves in edit mode and reassing this curve to the cube.

Shaped Curves Merger

Easy to use tool to merge curves animated with shape keys in Blender. Merging preserves all shape keys and their keyframes. Animate curves like a pro with this addon and don't let Blender get in the way!

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